Whenever You Feel Like You’re Not Perfect



Stop thinking like that. It’s not helping anyone. You’re only hurting yourself. There are only so many people in this world that are there for you. You should be one of them.

Why do you feel like you’re worthless? You must be watching too much TV, seeing perfect celebrities walk across your screen. You must be endlessly scrolling through social media and looking at your “friends'” perfect lives.

You think to yourself, I’m not perfect. I know every single of my flaws. I’ll never be like the people around me. 

And you’re right about two things: you are able to recognize your own flaws and you’re not like anyone else. You’re unique and beautifully flawed. You’re wrong about something, though. You shouldn’t compare yourself to an unattainable idea constructed by others.

If you want to be perfect, change how you see the word. Instead of thinking perfect is not having a hair out of place, see perfect as the way your hair wisps around your face. Perfect should be what makes you different. 

The universe continues to spread because of disorder in the atoms that make it up (and dark matter and dark energy but science isn’t really sure what it is). You, a universe of consciousness, will continue to grow and change because of the quirks within you.

What you see as bad qualities are not bad at all. They are a part of what makes you who you are. They make you different. They make you perfect.

Whether it is your appearance or your personality, you should not hate yourself for your flaws. You should embrace your flaws and grow from them. By learning from your negative qualities, you become a better version of yourself.

By pretending like your flaws don’t exist, you become a hollow shell of yourself. An entire part of your personality is missing when you throw a huge part of yourself away. People don’t get the entire, magnificent picture of who you are.

Maybe you try to give them a complete-looking picture. You fill the places you erased with things that aren’t you. You took these things from other people who you think are perfect.

Suddenly, you lose who you are to what you’re trying to represent: perfect. The posts you make on social media become a chore where you struggle to achieve a standard.

It feels terrible to lose your sense of self to the urge to become the ultimate example of perfect. Don’t let yourself get that far. Always remind yourself these three things when you’re feeling un-perfect:

  1. Flaws are okay to have
  2. You decide what perfection is
  3. It’s so much more interesting to be unique



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