(Not-So) Happy Endings

In a past post, I professed my undying love for books (Read I’m Bookish and I’m Proud!) I love literature, books in particular, because of the lessons I am able to learn from the experiences of others. These experiences can be real or they can be completely made up, like in the series I just read. I still find valuable lessons from fiction and nonfiction because they both can teach me how people interact with each other and the nature of life.

The series I just read had dragons, elves, dwarves, beasts and magic. It was a very compelling series with characters I grew attached to over four books. The main character is about my age so I related to the struggles he feels when becoming an adult, falling in love, and finding himself. His dragon suffers from an identity crisis as well as a superiority complex, making her an arrogant but all the more lovely character. The main character’s love interest (who had feelings for him) ends up with a dragon who bonds with the main character’s. The main character’s brother is fate’s fool who falls in love with the main character’s liege-lady.


There were many instances of love, all laced together. I was looking forward to the ending where the main character would have a double marriage with his brother and his dragon and her mate would watch as they all had a happily ever after… But that ending never happened. Instead, the main character has to leave not only his love, but all of his friends and family along with the dragon who had to leave her mate. His brother decides he is too damaged to have a life with his love. I was very upset that there was not a chance that any of my favorite characters could spend their lives with their love. Love is what makes the world go ’round, right? Wrong.

All of the characters remained separated for a reason. The main character has a duty, his liege-lady has a duty, his love interest has a duty, and his brother has a duty. If any of them chose to stay together, something would suffer. One of their duties. The characters made the difficult decision to sacrifice what they wanted to do what they needed to. The world will stop for love, but it takes willpower to keep it going. All of the characters are very strong and dedicated to their cause and won’t let something as simple as their personal desires get in the way of that.

The world will stop for love, but it takes willpower to keep it going.

Though it made me terribly sad when I first read it (and I may or may not have yelled choice words about it to my boyfriend during long lamentations), this ending makes me proud. It’s a spectacular ending to a spectacular series. It is realistic and it reflects what I love about the characters. I love their determination, I love their selflessness, and most of all, I love their strength.

Not everything will go exactly the way I want it to, but that’s okay. The beauty of this is reflected in the Inheritance Cycle. Life always seems to fall into place no matter what happens, as it did for all of the characters. Plus, happiness shouldn’t be all about love anyways. Lots more happened that will bring happiness to each of the characters in the long run. Maybe it was a happy ending after all.


P.S., I could have talked about this for hours longer and in MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more detail, but I wanted to avoid as many spoilers as possible just in case someone currently reading happens to stumble upon this!


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