Under Construction 

Hello, readers!

I’m nearing 100 of you which is really exciting for me 🙂 For that reason, I’ve decided to start cleaning up my blog. I have quite a few goals in mind and it’s going to be a lot of work to accomplish!

Organization-  I want UnderstandingAdolescence to be seamless in reading. The posts should flow effortlessly, and the tags should help my readers get to where they want to faster. I hope to change my theme and tags in order to make my blog easier for all of you to enjoy.

Connectivity- Of all the great and popular blogs I follow, I’ve noticed that all of them make sense. There are connections throughout the blog that make the blog seem whole and put together. I will start to tag other posts within my posts to connect my blog in this way.

Beauty- Though the simple layout of my blog evokes a relaxing area where all ideas are acceptable, I want the aesthetics of UA to be sleek and uniform. I will not get rid of my love for color, nor will I sacrifice the comfort within the blog.

Community- I want to start including others in my passion more. I read the blog posts of others, but that’s not enough. Coming soon will be guest posts and featured blogs! I’m very excited to include all of you more and bring you closer in my blogging circle.

Thanks again for being a UA reader!



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