Today Was a Good Day

“Today will be good,” I say to myself as I roll out of bed. The aches and pains that accompany me as I stand don’t seem to matter. Today will be great. Why? I decided it would be. I walk to my dresser, tripping over my shoes. I struggle to find the perfect outfit. After a few minutes, I find it and put it on. I emerge from my room and see in bright red that the clock reads 7:40. I spent forty minutes on my clothes. I can’t fit my hair and makeup and EATING in just twenty minutes. Today will be a good day.

I get to school with my half-way job of straightening already starting to curl and mascara under my eyes. I sit with the girls that I talk to every day and one mentions to me the difficult test in history that’s today. Test… today?! I forgot to study over the weekend. It’s a hard test, too. I haven’t failed a test since third grade but today may be the first. I should have remembered. Oh, wait. I tried but it was tedious work. I walk down to get changed. I overhear my teacher saying we’re going outside. It’s so humid out… my hair. Ugh. Today is a good day.

Fast forwarding to lunch. I’m trying to study for the history test while I’m in line for food. I get a salad and some tortilla chips (mmmm, nutritious). While I’m walking to the lunch table, I accidentally tilt my tray too far and my delicious salad flies everywhere. The principle notices that I’m near tears and he gets me another one. I sit at the table eating my tortilla chips. My friend gives me some salsa. I continue to spill the salsa on my shirt. I go to the bathroom and clean it up. She feels bad about the fact that I spilled the salsa she gave me so she gives me a big cookie. “STOP, it has peanut butter!” She screams as I raise it to my mouth. I’m allergic to peanut butter and I almost died. Today is a good day.

The moment I’ve not been waiting for has finally come. My history teacher threw the test from his desk to mine. It actually lands on my desk this time. I look at the questions. They’re not difficult at all. Who said it was hard? Oh yeah, I need to stop listening to her. I turn the test in and get lost in my book. I love the feeling of focus that I achieve when I lose myself in books. Eragon is battling Arya, getting the upper hand, as I hear the teacher call my name. He shows me my test when I walk up. I see a big A on my paper. As I walk back to my desk, I can’t even contain my happiness. I brag to my neighbors even though I know it’s wrong. There were only four As before me. Today is a good day.

Now, I’m laying in bed and contemplating my day. Walmart didn’t have the fruit snacks I always get, and the zucchini I picked up turned out to be bad after I cooked it. Yet, even will all the inconveniences that happened throughout the day, my day still wasn’t ruined. In fact, I taught myself that I’m completely in control of the way my day goes. If I decide that my day will suck, it will happen. But if I decide the opposite, the opposite will happen. I lean my head back on my Pillow Pet and cover over with a cozy blanket. I smile as I think to myself, today was a good day. 


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