Parents- a Blessing and a Curse

Who changed our dirty diapers when we were too young to use bathrooms? Who taught us to even go to the bathroom? Typically, it’s our parents. Our parents made a lot of sacrifices for us.That alone makes the parents pretty awesome. They put their own lives aside in order to make sure our lives would turn out okay. They love us more than than they love themselves and that’s how they put up with the sacrifice.
I just spoke like everyone had a loving, nurturing parent. Obviously, this isn’t the case. There are so many people that can only wish they had nurturing parents because they were neglected or abused when they were younger, or they were forced to give up their childhood to start working, or they didn’t know parents because theirs were deemed unfit by the state. In all of my interactions with people, I’ve learned that no two families have the same issues.

This is proof that while parents are so amazing at raising us up, they also have the power to tear us down. So many people fear they are “becoming their parents” because they start to notice a bad quality that their mom or dad has surface in them. It’s not like most parents want to ruin their children’s lives. Parents so often make mistakes because parents are human too, even if we  forget that sometimes.

Like everything else in life, its necessary to balance input from parents with input from our own moral compasses. This balance isn’t the same for everyone. If your parents are genuinely trying to raise you to be a good human being, their judgment is worth listening to. Following every word they say may not be the best idea because you know something they don’t, for example, but it’s best to remember they’re trying their hardest with the life experience they have.

If you were abused, neglect, or received terrible treatment from your parents, the balance falls much more on you. You should not listen to a word they said if they wanted to tear you down. They are obviously troubled if they traumatized their own child. Always remember that it’s up to you to forgive, and forgiveness is an OPTIONAL virtue.


What would you consider to be your parents’ best or worst qualities? Comment below 🙂


3 thoughts on “Parents- a Blessing and a Curse

  1. This is so true. I have noticed within my friendship group that we all have different relationships with out parents, like some of my friends tell their parents everything and always rely on them for advice whilst I am the complete opposite. Others literally believe everything their parents say and literally repeat it all as if they were a parrot. Others need to do what ‘their parents want’ and what makes their parents happy. It is so weird how we all have different relationships with our parents. Great post by the way!

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    • Thanks so much for reading! I know that a lot of the people I know are insecure about their relationship with their parents… It should be whatever they feel comfortable with, not what others around them have.

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      • You’re welcome!! Yes exactly, personally I am not really close with my parents because I don’t feel comfortable with telling them every single thing that happens to me, haha but yeah as long as everyone is comfortable with their relationships, I guess that is fine!

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