Why I Write…

I believe hobbies can be classified in two different ways- those that activate the brain and those that numb the brain. Activities that involve movement and/or thought; such as jogging, art, puzzles, and even cleaning; are giving the brain tons of activity and oftentimes are seen as a productive way to pass time. On the other hand, “time wasters” like browsing the web, watching TV, and playing certain video games have the ability to nearly shut down the brain. 

With the busy lifestyle that adolescents lead, shutting the brain down is a luxury. No one wants to stress about a future career while balancing school work, studying for standardized tests, cramming in time for extracurriculars, AND trying to have a social life. For that reason, most people my age do whatever they possibly can to escape the daily torment called finding a place in society. Escaping from reality for too long is a terrible course of action because that way, one would miss too many opportunities and establishing a spot in the world becomes nearly impossible after that happens.

Enter me: a 15 year old that overthinks everything and stresses about future events that aren’t to take place until I’m another 15 years older. I study harder than I need to for fear that my 100% in a class I understand easily will drop, and do calculations to see what my net income will potentially be. I feel like my life is chaos around me. When I worry about the future, I feel overwhelmed. When I try to take a break and do something mind numbing, I feel stressed because I could have been doing something to help my future. 

There was no balance, that is, until I started writing. Writing is a form of art, so it stimulates the brain. It’s worth doing because it’ll benefit me in the long run. I don’t feel guilty when I spend an hour or so putting my heart and soul into a blog post because I know that each time I write, I get better. I’m interested in becoming an English major and looking to eventually write a novel, so every bit of practice I get helps. I also write because it has the same effect as anything time wasting. The world falls away around me, and my life starts to make sense. 


What made you interested in writing/starting a blog? Feel free to answer below in the comments πŸ™‚ 


6 thoughts on “Why I Write…

  1. nahamato says:

    I used to read a lot and watch a lot of movies and after ending them I would spend hours thinking about them and coming up with alternate stories in my head and I decided that those stories were good enough to be read and hopefully, one day, watched.

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  2. Interesting thoughts here. Reading through a few of your posts, they remind me that I am very happy I am not 15 again. Your writing is very colorful and descriptive. Why do I write? There is no other choice. It is what I do to express what is on my mind and explore what is in my soul. I came by your blog on the Opinionated Man blog. Good luck with your writing and with being an adolescent. The good news is that all of the best stuff in life is coming down the road, just survive somehow until then. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks for your advice and thanks for stopping by! I seem to have a way to take people back to the days of acne and confusion with my words. I just speak my soul. Self expression is a beautiful thing and it’s the best way to stay young at heart. Never let go of the spunk you have inside you and you’ll be around to read more blog posts of mine for a long time! πŸ™‚


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