How to Resist the Bad Forces in Your Life

News of the Brussels bombing was the most depressing thing to wake up to. It happened at 5 in the morning here. WSJ always keeps me updated on a moment-to-moment basis so I was immediately notified. I read the article and felt angered that human beings capable of terrible things were allowed to be alive. Later in the day, ISIS took credit for the bombings. So many lives lost over pointless mission set forth by the terrorist organization… It’s a shame.

ISIS is known to pervert the Muslim religion. They turn words from the Qu’ran meant to be peaceful into words full of scorn and hatred toward those who do not believe what they do. ISIS targets the who they think are easily disposable, when in reality, these people targeted are nothing less than lost spirits who are looking for a purpose. The process is disgusting. ISIS makes people think they are getting what they want: purpose or a spot next to Allah, when in reality they are just convincing innocent people to die for them in a useless and selfish cause.

This is where you come in. Some citizens of America actually have to deal with ISIS knocking that their door. For most, this isn’t the case. Instead, there is a problem that doesn’t have the same amount of multitude as ISIS but still wreaks havoc in life in a similar way. I don’t know for sure, but this is where I’m thinking you fall in.

There are people out there that want to use you for bad. They want to drag you into their sick, evil cause for personal gain. These people don’t care about you or your future. They’re only worried about their own. A common example of one of these sinister people is the common drug deal. The drug dealer may be nice at first but more likely than not, the dealer is only focused on getting you addicted drugs. It feels like the right thing because he exhibits kindness toward you. The truth is skewed and before long, you find yourself doing what you know is wrong.

These people are most likely to target you when you feel down. You’ll want support, and they’ll give you a taste of it. The best way to avoid the temptation of taking their requests is to surround yourself with people you love to give you support. This way, you won’t need the support of a stranger who can’t know your best interests. Also, you should learn to love yourself more. Feelings of hopelessness are not uncommon and contribute to the downfall of many. Instead of falling victim to pessimism, you should learn to be more optimistic. The more you can cheer yourself up, the less you’ll need to lean on untrustworthy people.

It’s very clear that while we all have our own daily struggles that we strive to overcome, we should also take the time to think of those that are struggling much more. The people of Brussels, especially those who lost family members, will be in my thoughts. Also, in my thoughts are the family members of those who have been lost to ISIS’s deranged cause. I can’t imagine the feeling I would get if I found out my own family was a part of the death of so many.




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