I Feel like Superwoman When…

Superwoman… that has to be big, doesn’t it? Nothing involving comic books is simple, as there have been many superwomen over the years. All of these women invoke the same ideas: invincibility, super-strength, and the ability to maintain decorum while doing what men do. I’ve won National Pageants and a statewide speech contest, I collected 500 cans for my local food pantry, I hosted a benefit auction for the Diabetes Foundation. I’ve done some pretty big things. These all make me feel accomplished, but none make me feel invincible, strong, or prideful in gender equality. In truth, there are little deeds I do throughout the day, whether they be small achievements or micro-pleasures, that make me feel unstoppable.

When I get awesome grades on a test that I studied for, I feel impenetrable. I see that A on my paper, an overwhelming sense of pride churns bubbles up in my stomach. No one can bring me down the whole day. There is nothing more satisfying that reaping the benefits of my toil.

When I clean my room before my mom reminds me to, I know I’m being responsible. I’m adulting. I sometimes get discouraged with myself because I’m so lazy, yet in these moments, I feel confident that I can make it on my own day. I’m ready to charge forward into life with full force.

When I reach the tenth wave on survival mode, I can feel my eyes burn but that doesn’t matter. I’m successfully killing a bunch of constructed shapes on my TV and it feels good. I’m not a very good gamer, and I feel so incompetent compared to my boyfriend when I play with him. But when wave ten rolls along, I’m playing like a boss.

When I get 8+ hours of sleep, suddenly the world seems clear to me again. All the energy that’s usually sapped into keeping me awake can go to more important things, such as focusing, being friendly, and even thinking. I feel incredibly strong when I sleep enough. It’s just a matter of getting my brain to calm down enough to sleep.

When I lift weights at the gym, I am channeling all of my physical strength. I can feel it course through my veins. I’m no gym rat, but I feel like one when I get close to my maxes. I could argue that I really don’t even feel like Superwoman when I’m lifting weights. Sometimes I feel like the hulk. 🙂

When I write an awesome blog post, I feel confident in who I am as a person. I have the ability to put my thoughts in the world, and they’re good thoughts at that. I don’t gauge how well my writing is based on views and likes, but it always seems like my best writing gets lots of attention. That makes me happy.

The moral of today’s story is that not everything magnificent is something big. The smallest things are what make me feel strong. I cherish these small moments throughout the day, and that’s what keeps me going. This also means that taking small steps is an okay thing to do. The smallest things may not get as much attention from everyone else, but they matter just as much. What’s important is to keep trudging on.


This post is apart of Finish the Sentence Friday! To read other posts, go towww.findingninee.com where you can find the rest of the links.

Are you more like Superwoman or The Hulk? Comment below! 🙂


9 thoughts on “I Feel like Superwoman When…

  1. So true. I’m in my final year of schooling, and like most of my yearmates in India, I’m preparing for JEE, which some say is the toughest exam in the world. After drudging through the week, I get the Sundays. I catch up with myself on the Sundays and do small things, like cut my nails, trim my hair maybe, exercise a bit, read or write a bit, etc. Every weekday, I’m probably getting closer to cracking JEE. But those small things I do on Sundays, they feel utterly satisfying. Those are the things that help me go on with Life. They are what that make me feel like the Hulk.

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    • I’m glad you can find something to help you relieve stress! I live in America, so I don’t have to take JEE. I can’t even imagine how difficult it is. Right now, I’m just striving to keep my As up during high school. I’m planning on majoring in English and going to the best college I possibly can 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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    • I’ve probably caused permanent damage to my social life probably… I can be really, really terrible when I’m tired. Luckily, I’ve found people that put up with me even when I’m sleep deprived and mean 😊


  2. nahamato says:

    Superwoman definitely, handling a lot of things at the same time and making it look like I’m just batting my eyelashes at each situation makes me feel like superwoman.

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    • Carrying an air of effortlessness feels awesome… Even if it isn’t easy. When people ask “how do you do that?!” You feel SOO accomplished. I totally get that ☺️


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