A Dreamer’s Dreams

Everyone has hopes and desires, and I love learning about those of others because it connects me with them in such a strong way. It helps me in understanding who they are as a human being. Though I am a dreamer and I dedicate most of my day to doing just that, I still hesitated when I asked myself what my dreams are. There’s a big difference between daydreaming and deciding what my dreams are. In daydreaming, I can think about anything outlandish with no strings attached. On the contrary, my dreams are something more solid. As I mentioned above, the dreams a person has possess the power to help shape them. I want my dreams to be decent, to reflect myself as a pretty okay person.

The song Teenage Dream is popping into my head as I write this. That song is all about being young and free. This isn’t my idea of the teenage dream. If I were to kick back and party, I would feel sad because I wouldn’t accomplish anything that way. I always have to keep moving forward. My idea of the teenage dream is to find myself, and keep myself grounded. The hopes and dreams I decided on definitely prove my logic. I want to travel, because in doing so I can give myself new perspectives about myself and the world around me. I want to make money doing what I love, writing. I want to marry who I love. And finally, I want to one day be a good mom who cooks healthy food for her 2-3 kids.

My dreams haven’t always been this conserved. When I was younger, I had lots of crazy desires that only Timmy Turner’s fairy godparents would be able to fulfill. For example, I wanted to be a model and have a body like barbie. I also wanted to pursue a career musically, becoming a pop star, or later, star on Broadway. Now, I’ve recognized that I will never be able to fulfill these desires because they’re not in my future. All of the dreams that I had when I was little that line up with my current path have stayed. For example, my love for traveling started at a young age, my quest for Mr. Right has been going on for years, and my plan for being a good mom has always been intact, with healthy food being an add on through the years.

Even if what I want from life is extremely reasonable, my mind still doesn’t have to be. I depressed myself at first when I realized that none of my dreams were nearly unattainable; I felt like they didn’t reflect me correctly. I put myself at ease when I saw that it meant that I’ve made progress in life- I can finally separate reality from make-believe. The list of what I want shows that I want security. I can express the crazy aspect of my personality through my writing, which speaks a louder message than anything else ever will.


You probably know what I’m going to ask… What do you want from life? šŸ™‚ Comment below!


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