Resurrecting the Inner Child

Who decided that childhood is all fun and games, and adulthood is the exact opposite? Seriously, they screwed a lot of people with that rule. No wonder so many people are uptight. When I was little, I thought it was a disease that one caught. I wasn’t too far off. The mentality to work, work, work with no play whatsoever infects young minds like mine, then turns us bright, optimistic kids into coffee guzzling, zombie slaves. We should dig their inner child out of the grave every now and then to keep our brains and freedom.

Imagine the stress relief. Constant stress has only began to plague this 15-year-old recently. It’s impossible to imagine how people feel that have been dealing with it way longer than a year. All that stress can’t be good for the human body. All that adrenaline staying stagnant in veins, the lack of sleep, the threat of gray hairs lurking on otherwise young heads. All of that could be put off if everyone could just get out their adult coloring books, or better yet, teddy bears. Even something as simple as binge watching a TV is enough to clear minds. We have an excuse to be children and do nothing- our health.

Nostalgia is the best. Yesterday, I got an orange soda float. It brought back so many good memories of my childhood. It made me feel happy and in touch with myself. Oftentimes, the things we enjoy as kids are our true interests. We liked them in a time when our lives weren’t crowded with anxiety about what other people thought of us. We didn’t worry about our weight or our social standing when we were little, we just did our actions. It’s evident that as adults or near-adults, we all have to do stuff we don’t want to. But, why not make the sting of that a little less by also including childhood interests into our lives.

Interests make you interesting. Isn’t it funny that interesting can’t even be spelled without interests? I heard the expression “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” one time. It means that if a person works too much, work will be all they think about, therefore, all they talk about. People that talk too much about work are boring. We shouldn’t want to be like that. Being versatile and funny is our goal, and we can achieve that through doing something other than working!

I’m scared to grow up all the way and watch myself become the mindless zombie I see so many other people become. As I scoot further away from my childhood, I feel scared. For that reason, I’m holding on for dear life to my own childhood and I’m encouraging others to join me in my childish, yet relieving ways.



Best nostalgia moment of yours? Comment below!



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