The Stings That Go Along With Essay Writing

Now, I know I’m not perfect. And I should take the advice of those more experienced in writing. For some reason I think advice and control are two different things. Advice is giving me tips on how to better word a sentence, or telling me that my ideas aren’t answering a question. Control, on the other hand, is telling me that my ideas are incomplete; and then telling me what I was trying to say. Though my English teacher is an excellent writer and has years of practice to draw his words from, he still does not the right to discredit my ideas and say the were wrong just because he didn’t fully understand them.

Writing is probably the toughest thing for English teachers to teach. Writing is an art, combining letters into words that convey thoughts, emotions, and stories. There are skills involved in writing. Grammar and literary devices are both vital to making a paper come alive, the same way understanding shading and perspective breathe life into paintings.The problem English teachers face is that there are rules in English, but because writing is an art, it can break those sometimes. When is the appropriate time?

Maybe, argumentative essays aren’t the right time. For an abstract thinker such as myself, it’s difficult to follow things that are set in stones. This time, I tried. My ideas were great. They flowed, and had balance, and had a main point that I followed. The main difference was structure. Instead of presenting good and bad, comparing and contrasting in each paragraph, I put the bad in three body paragraphs and my last body paragraph proved that the bad could be accepted because there was some good. I know that my paper would be better if I could learn to do it the traditional way, I just wish he could have seen my angle.

He took my ideas for an essay and turned into something different, foreign. His essay. Everything that set me apart from any other writer, including my diction, was completely gone and replaced by generic speech just like everyone else. Maybe he could have coaxed me in the right direction, or made me feel like my ideas were actually intelligent. I know, this is how essays are supposed to be, how one is supposed to think while writing one, and I will eventually be fine-tuned to write this way as I go through high school and college. He was just showing me. It’s hard to accept, and I’m afraid I’ll never be able to do it.



7 thoughts on “The Stings That Go Along With Essay Writing

  1. Hello,
    I took my time in reading your post, and I cannot but say that I have and still am going through this.
    I may have never mentioned this before but I am an English Literature and Language student.
    From what I have read I can say that you do have ideas and good diction to impose, however it is not enough.
    I cannot fully judge since I am a student and will always remain a student; always learning, but I can help you with it, if you’d like.
    I do recommend you leave your post for two days then edit it, you yourself will know your mistakes without anyone telling you about them.
    That’s one way to improve.
    Never stop aspiring what you want, and do not lose hope for it is what makes us function as human beings and improve by the day.

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  2. Izzy says:

    I had a teacher that was similar to yours last year, eventually I spoke to another teacher and asked them to read my work – there were parts that she agreed with my teacher over and parts that she agreed with me over. I changed the parts they both agreed on and handed it in, maybe you could try that if it ever happens again? xo

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