Why I Love Being a Woman

I guess I could call myself a woman… I take the pill just like older and wiser women do. Back on subject, there are so many amazing things women do every day and I’m proud that I can be apart of such a beautifully diverse group of people. Today is International Women’s Day, so I’d like to broadcast that pride I have. Following will be every possible reason I can think of that’s distinctly woman and distinctly awesome.

Women’s Intuition

Seeing into the future is awesome, isn’t it? I wouldn’t know. Sadly, we aren’t that magical. We’re just skilled at seeing a situation, evaluating it, analyzing it, and determining the best course of action. We’re even better at looking at other people’s actions and telling them what they should have done. Did your best friend get dumped by the complete jerk you knew would leave her crying in the ditch? Then you know what I’m talking about. Probably the most confusing part of when that happens is the feelings involved. You’re sad for your friend, but secretly relishing in the fact that you knew what was going to happen. Maybe it is magic, I’m not actually sure.

Passive Aggressiveness

Maybe this isn’t so good, but this post isn’t necessarily about what’s good. It’s what my sick, twisted mind loves. And I can explain: we can solve their issues with subtle lifelong rivalries rather than hashing it out violently. No one get hurt, unless emotionally counts, and that’s one thing I don’t like about it. The benefits outweigh this, for sure. Behaving this way gives women a way to channel their anger and aggressiveness while still being able to function together as a societal whole. If Julius Caesar was Julia and Gaius Cassius was Gaia, the literal backstabbing would have been reduced to nothing more than the usual snide comments between false compliments.


Nature may have seemed like a downfall when I first thought about it… Our cramps are terrible, but really, it’s a sacrifice. One day I’m going to have a developing human being inside of me. It will be alive; apart of me, yet will still be a separate entity. And then the baby, that will off completely microscopic as a sperm cell, will become flesh and blood. My flesh and blood, yet its own. That baby is going to get so much ice cream and happiness while he or she is nestled inside my tummy. I think childbirth is the most beautiful occurrence that could ever happen to someone, and I’m lucky enough to be able to create new life.

We can do anything men can, and vice-versa

Need a car fixed? A woman can do that. Need someone to rock your dress? Go ahead and call up Jaden Smith. The whole point of International Women’s Day is to promote equality, which I happen to be very passionate about. Enough with society creating double standards about what is acceptable for women and men to do. Everyone can and should do whatever they want. Men be proud of being men, and women be proud of being women, but we shouldn’t let our gender define us.


Note: The point of this post is to entertain, and I’m not trying to offend anyone with this post. My stance on equality is stated in the last paragraph.


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