The Mind of a New Blogger

Ever since I started my blog, Understandingadolescence, I’ve been very happy with my decision to do so. Writing gives a productive nightly task. Also, it’s a good way to focus and get my mind off of things. Being a perfectionist means I have some negative thoughts run through my head when I think about my blog. Keeping my thoughts at bay has been a struggle in itself. I would hate to give up on another thing I love because I can’t keep my perfectionism under control. I’m at war with my negativity, and the result is sometimes comical.

What if no one likes my post?

You’re so funny, Aaliyah. Hilarious. You did not start this blog to please other people. You started it to get practice writing because you want to be a better person. Stop worrying about what other people think about you. THAT IS SHOWING WEAKNESS. You are stronger than that. You should love your own writing, and grow from that passion. If you love what you write, people will follow. Now repeat after me, “I love my writing. I love my writing. I love my writing…” I may or may not be trying to hypnotize you.

My blog isn’t consistent enough.

Nothing you ever do will be consistent. You’re a hot mess. Trust me, I know you better than anyone else and I know that you will never be one of those women that have perfectly organized desks. Your brain is like a desk in your head- it’s sloppy. But, it’s beautiful at the same time. Remember that quote about disorganization and genius? It may just be something that us slobs tell ourselves to feel better (or is it?) but it sure makes you feel better. Other people will see your posts and they won’t think there’s anything wrong with it. But again, remember the “I love my writing” mantra just in case no one actually does.

Why do other blogs I read seem better? 

STOP BASING YOUR WORTH OFF OF OTHER PEOPLE. This is getting old. But, remember that this is your first blog. You’re like unmolded clay (Clockwork Angel, anyone?) and the only way you will get better is through practice. The people you compare yourself to have probably blogged way longer than 18 days, and are much older than 15, too. One day, you can be completely refined and polished with your skill. For now, you’re going to have to settle with hashing out each word, trying to turn raw potential into incredible skill. You like challenges so you’re okay.

Am I even a good writer? 

How many English teachers telling you that you should make a living from it do you need?

I’m going to run out of ideas and get writer’s block!

Dude, seriously. You constantly come up with new thoughts, and those thoughts are usually more than 500 words so you have to cut it down the way it is.You also think about your next blog post when you should be doing homework at school. If you should ever run out of ideas, just revisit some old ideas you never actually got to expand upon before. Also, nothing gets your creative juices flowing like ice cream, so you can use that as an excuse to get some sweet, frozen udder juice.

Don’t get mad…


Why don’t I have more followers?

But you have awesome followers already… That’s it. I’m done here.

Okay…”I love my writing. I love my writing. I love my writing.”



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