Stress Gnaws at My Bones

I’m having a little bit of a hard time right now… I feel terrible and I need to let stuff out, and what better way than to write? Hopefully I’ll be on my merry way back into the happy life I normally lead.

There’s so much I want to say, but my mind is obstructing itself. The pipes which my thoughts normally ebb and flow, obstructed. I am a prisoner to my own emotions, doing time when I didn’t do the crime. A victim to circumstance. Caught in the wrong place, otherwise everything would be fine. But where I am now wasn’t always wrong. It was home- sweet, velvet home until it fell into the depravity I now know. 

The vines that wrap around my brain are unyielding. They twist and coil into the deepest secrets… They choke the depths of my soul. Somehow, the same vines are responsible for the clenching in my stomach, and the stiffness in my hands. They squeeze tears from my burning eyes. I cry for the pain, I cry for what I once knew as home. Mostly, I cry because it’s the only thing I can do in my helpless state. 

Let the bells of freedom ring the second I can step forward from the chaos. For I am the captive audience of chaos, tortured for its sickening entertainment. All I can do is cry, and hope the tears take with them the stress and anxiety that plague me in times of crisis. Wiping the tears from my face, I wonder how such a heavy burden in my head rests light as water in my hand.



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