The Possibilities Are Endless

When I think about where life may take me, through all its winding twists and turns, I’m amazed by the immense uncertainty behind it. Every choice I make now; whether good, bad, or neither; is shaping my future. I wonder how the decisions I’ve made will alter my path, and how things could go differently if I make a different choice. The amount of power I already have over the course of my life is pretty incredible, and I don’t want to abuse the power my age has given me by not taking the time to think about the consequences of my actions.

I do my homework every night. It’s embarrassing to say, but this is the first year I can actually say that. I decided to take control of my grades this year. I didn’t want the internet to take me through high school the way it took me through freshman year so I did what most high school students would never do: I stopped googling answers. I can already reap the benefits of this fruitful actions. I no longer have test anxiety, because I know the material and I don’t have to rely on my sometimes inaccurate photographic memory to magically conjure up the answer. The benefit really shooting for is to be prepared for college. I will know all of the material I’m supposed to learn in high school, and for that reason, college will be more manageable for me.

I chose to be an English major. Writing has been my forte since I could pick up a pencil, but I never thought about actually making a career out of it for some reason. The idea didn’t even come to me as a complete thought. I’ve been piecing together all of my strengths; which happen to be explaining thoughts, public speaking, writing, and reading. The obvious answer to me was to become an English professor. My passion for writing instantaneously exploded into something I was excited about. I started my blog a few days later as daily practice for writing. The best thing that will come from my choice at a young age is a head start in my career, which I will hopefully love and look forward to doing every day.

I focus on improving myself every day. I always used to compare myself to other people, and that made my day suck. When I saw people that have done amazing things or have really good work, I would get jealous and wish I had the skill or the experience the other person did. I completely discredited my own skill and experience. I will never get better if I stay in the same place to observe how everyone else is doing around me. The only way I will be equal to the people that have done noteworthy things is to keep pushing forward. If I can learn one new thing every day for two weeks, I’ll be two weeks wiser than I was before. If I can keep up this mentality (which I’m stubborn so I will), I am going to see myself grow into a woman that’s capable of the unimaginable.

Thinking how my choices are affecting my life actually doesn’t scare me. It puts me at ease because as I reflect on my choices, I see only good coming out of them. The possibilities are endless. The one factor limiting my ability to be unstoppable one day is the amount of effort I’m willing to put in now to make sure that I can reach that point in my life. Luckily for me, I have wells of reserved effort for me to draw on.



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