Reaching for the Stars

I was stiff in the back seat of my mom’s minivan, completely speechless. But I’m never speechless for long. I always seem to find the right words to say. It was incredibly difficult this time… My mom told me that women and men would never be equal. Well, not with that attitude. She isn’t the gender-role type of person at all. My mother is a strong, independent, outspoken woman who hasn’t been married since she was twenty yet has raised two strong, independent, and outspoken young women. I guess that’s why her pessimist attitude left me appalled.

My mom said this is a man’s world. Men will always get paid more, men will always get more respect, men will always be the stronger sex. Why are there always more male candidates than female for the presidency? Because men run the world. She said that it has become a better place for women to live, but women will never, ever see the amount of monetary compensation for the same hours worked, and women will never be respected by stubborn, power hungry men.

My mom isn’t wrong on some things. It’s clear that we live in a man’s world now: rape culture (which is a touchy subject but one I’m not afraid of), the presidential election, and even women’s fashion are all geared toward the pleasure and power of men. Men have more testosterone, which makes them gain more muscle mass. Men also tend to have higher paying jobs currently, not just unequal pay. A lot of high paying jobs are just male dominant.

The world is changing, though. Women are standing up to men and learning how to say “no”. In addition, women are dressing to impress themselves, not other men. That can range from not being afraid to go bra-less  OR SHIRTLESS to not being afraid to cover herself up. The whole “prude or slut” double standard will go away eventually. Even if I don’t agree with the circumstances around her candidacy, we have a female candidate. Maybe one day, when I’m voting age, there will be a woman running for president that I agree with and want to see in office.

One of the issues we’re still overcoming is unequal pay. There have been many lawsuits which in my opinion help encourage companies to not discriminate when it comes to the paycheck. Also, more women are going to college than men. The average ratio of men to women in public universities for 2016 is 43.6-56.4. ( Girls like me are being taught to reach for the stars, even if it takes a little bit of brute force. For this reason, more and more women are going to start infiltrating male-dominant jobs that require aggression and extreme risk taking.

I truly believe my generation is going to change a lot. While we can’t undo the gender inequality that’s been present since BCE, we can make a huge difference in undoing the mind set behind gender equality. I’m proud to say that as a whole, my peers really don’t care about the qualities a person can’t control, such as gender. What truly matters to someone in my generation are the skills and good qualities a person can bring forth to improve a situation. I expect good things out of everyone my age, and I hope no one lets me down.



3 thoughts on “Reaching for the Stars

  1. The Stylish Starlet says:

    That’s why it’s important to take action: even little steps can help. Im sure your mum is great but for your mum to say something like that doesnt help the cause at all. Your right, people should only be known for being kind or not.great post 😀

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      • The Stylish Starlet says:

        I totally understand that too. Your mum grew up in a time that was full of sexism. But there’s also a point where we have to move forward from that and realise gender equality is the future. Awesome post anyways 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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