The Pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is ensured as a basic human right. Exactly how to pursue happiness is an issue that isn’t so basic. First, happiness has to be defined. My definition of happiness is balance, particularly balancing wants and need. Pleasure must be checked by exertion, and the other way around, because life without each would be incomplete. Watching other people my age waste away from the lack of challenge instant gratification provides is terrible, but so is watching elders waste away from the amount of stress that piles into their lives. This balance must be found in all aspects of life, including how time is spent, and people are interacted with.

Some of my friends are pure hedonists. They spend their time in class texting kids also in class. They go home, and text all day as well. If one of them doesn’t want to text, they could be found messing around in their room, wandering aimlessly around town, or maybe doing something productive, only if they want to. They could do so much better in school, but they don’t care. Maybe they’ll regret it later, maybe not. These peers of mine only chase the happiness here and now can provide, without thinking of the future. They only do what they want to, and not what they have to.

While taking three hour long strolls around my country town does sound pretty fun, I have work to do to improve myself. I workout twice a week, read, do homework, study, and write… Even if I don’t want to. I force myself to do these things because I know I want to be a better person in ten years, and I won’t be ver happy down the line if I’m not. I also understand that I can’t push myself without giving a little. I let myself watch TV for hours on end sometimes, I stay in bed late a lot in the morning, and I always text my boyfriend even if the timing isn’t right. Living life, I want to be happy all the time, not just put everything to the future and let myself go now.

Another important place to find balance in life is in social interactions. I know I can’t be everyone’s best friend, nor do I want to be everyone’s enemy. I can find a nice in-between in my encounters with others so I feel satisfied with my friendships. Being too aggressive will leave me with no one that I can connect to, while being to submissive will get me friends, but the footprints of people trampling over me would be evident. Balance is making new friends while maintaining old friendships that may grow apart as time passes.

Balance in friendship is a little bit difference than balance in work and play. While it’s pretty black-and-white what work is and what play is, what makes a friendship is a completely different thing. It’s more difficult because a person can’t follow what society thinks is right and be satisfied with it. No, one must figure that out from within. While acquaintance with many people may be perfectly balanced for someone, balance for another person could be three close friendships. It all has to do with personal preference. I really am not sure about my own social balance, because I’m used to having many people that I call friends, but I don’t know who is friend or foe. It may be easier for me condense to the trustworthy people I know, but I’m truly not sure.

Being as young as I am, it’s intimidating to try to figure out the key to staying happy my whole life. It’s not an easy thing to do, because happiness is such a complex topic. For now, I’ll roll with my theory of balance in actions and friendships and see how happy that makes me.




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