Everyone Has a Story

At my age, it’s really difficult sometimes to understand that each person I see in my life has their own individual life, too. I get so lost in my own thoughts, opinions, and idea that I forget that other people have different thoughts, ideas, and opinions as well. The moments where the it dawns on me that every person is living a story, and my story overlaps with at least one hundred other stories daily are very eye opening and put the world into a perspective that youthful eyes rarely understand.

Empathy, the ability to feel for others, is a trait a lot of teenagers just don’t have. These days, we’re raised in opaque bubbles. Being sheltered from the real world sucks because there’s so much that we just don’t get. Our reactions to others’ struggles and hardships may seem inconsiderate, but they aren’t. They’re ignorant. Ignorance can be fixed, just by being willing to change. One way that the effects of a sheltered childhood can be reversed is by listening to the stories of others. Truly listening, comprehending, and feeling. Learning through the experiences of others is the easy way; even if the story tugs at heart strings, there’s no way that could be worse than experiencing whatever the story happens to be about.

Being able to learn and feel from these stories makes them so powerful. The words a person says are the windows to their soul. Crafting those words into a story, their story, makes a door. This door opens up lessons to be learned and emotions to be felt in a way that sometimes a listener could never even imagine. The life of one person shapes the life of another; stories compounded among stories. How people can impact each other so greatly is amazing to me.

I am thankful for all of the people that have shaped me. I can think of a few at the top of my head, but the people I’m really wanting to thank are the ones that influenced my life without me knowing, for good or for bad. Without these people, I would not be at the point I am in my life. I’m so happy with where I am today. As my story develops, I will share it. I can only hope that I will impact people in the best way possible. Maybe, I’ll be an inspiration to many some day. Those pages haven’t been written yet.



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