A Fluttering Bird No More

I was once a fluttering bird, flitting by and by. I tweeted for every passing zephyr and perched on every outstretched branch. Life was exhilarating and exciting this way; I never knew where the wind would take me, or if I’d make it out okay. I was bird with my feathers spread wide open. I called no where my home, and didn’t want to make a nest. The gnarled branches I spent my days on were nothing permanent. I preferred it that way. Sometimes I would land on an unsupportive twig, for the plummet to the frigid ground made me exuberant at first. I would always pick myself up later and fly away, looking for my next adventure.

Living this way was deleterious in every way possible. My soul was fragmented. I discovered that the only way to pick up the broken pieces that littered my past was to find support. No longer would I land on any sapling which was doomed to let me down. I would find a tree: steady, standing, supportive. The largest obstacle I had to face was the predicament I put myself in. In my sporadic and chaotic flight, I long left all the trees behind. I was surrounded by a barren wasteland, stripped of all lush life.

Exhausted and completely discouraged, I resorted to my old ways. I flew. I kept flying and flying. My wings fell limp at my sides, the burning only slightly masked by my fatigue. When my wings would carry me no further, I landed. I found myself distanced from where I was before; I found a good place. I experienced loneliness at first, but in time, those feelings passed. When the clouds of my conscience departed my brain, I saw for the first time clearly. What I perceived through my newly opened eyes- the most fruitful tree in the whole world.

I took off abruptly. I knew instinctively this special tree was home, my future, my happiness. I persevered through time. The waves of impatience nearly knocked me off flight, but with all the determination I could muster, I stayed on. I realized how much I changed then. Never in the past would I have stayed in one place for long, especially not for one silly tree. To put the time and effort in for a particular thing was completely uncalled for.There was just something magical about it that pulled me in, seemingly magnetically.

I’ve memorized every part of my tree. From the lush green leave that adorn it, to the feeling of every nook and cranny, I know it and I love it. My tree is there for me in sunshine and rain, and protects me from everything I could think of. Life in the gently flowing branches are far from boring, though. I never know what’s going to happen next, but I don’t exactly feel uncertain either. My tree is steady, standing, and supportive. I can’t wait for the day that I make a nest.




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