Learning in Unexpected Ways

Field trips. Students should have more field trips because experiences can teach more to someone than words in a textbook ever can. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an experience is worth a million. With each of the five senses, a more developed memory forms. In normal class, sight is predominant with audio accompanying. This creates an incomplete picture that makes recalling information difficult. But living a moment in the real world rouses all five senses; the ability to make complete recollections of a moment seem to happen a lot in the real world.

I remember going to the science center in fourth grade. We watched a stunning imax movie about evolution and went to the planetarium to see a brilliant star show. The science center was one of my favorite places as a kid. In fifth grade, we read the Adventures of Mark Twain. I don’t remember a single page of the book, but I remember visiting the Mark Twain caves and exploring the historic town of Hannibal, Missouri. It was fun and all, but the best part about it was the fact that my mom took me. We left three hours early and rode out singing Le Freak.

I learned so much, and I think it contributed to my well-rounded set of interests. Going to the science center ensued inquiry on my part of the nature of the world around me. I’m taking two science classes this year, and my favorite by far is chemistry. Having knowledge and answering the question “Why?” is a quest that I will continue to follow my whole life. Going to Hannibal got me interested in history quickly. I think it’s magical that a completely different world once existed on the exact same soil that I walk now. I can access it through the stories of others, artwork, architecture- what was left behind by the people of that time.

Today, I went on my first field trip in a long time. We watched the play Julius Caesar in its entirety. I was pleasured in listening to the crisp dialect that I’ve grown to love over the past week of studying it. The props were minimal, as Shakespeare intended, so the creativity put into the production was phenomenal. I felt the same euphoria watching and focusing on every last detail in the play that I do when I create and put life into my own writing. I’m hoping that the field trip today can broaden my knowledge in the English language and help me develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with literature.



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