How a Prism Compares to My Love

Every time I see him, it’s like a light runs through me. I am a prism. My emotions scatter themselves into perfect view, the same way a prism perfectly separates lights into the vibrant color spectrum. With each color that explodes from the crystal prism, a feeling correlates.

Red is the first color of the spectrum, and the most rich of them all. Red is like my passion for him, burning, bright, unable to be ignored. My desire to touch him, kiss him, and be with him often leaves me speechless because of the sheer intensity. Thinking of him, his skin on mine, gives me a euphoria unmatched by anything. However, I’m familiar with the urgency around desire. Patience is difficult to display when something so fantastic is dangling just out of my reach.

Orange, a lighter and less serious color, is the laughter we share. My boyfriend won me over with his sarcastic demeanor and blunt diction.  His ability to joke even in the worst fights we have lightens the burden that we carry in day to day life. I also make him laugh with my completely inappropriate sense of humor. The irony of his cute looking girlfriend saying something vulgar always seems to get to him. Our laughter sometimes seems to echo from the time we stayed up laughing in the early hours after our anniversary.

Yellow is merry and cheery. It represents the good, clean happiness I get from him. He calls me beautiful all the time and it gives me a huge boost in confidence, especially when I have a bad day. He also has a powerful weapon called his smile. Seeing him smile instantly makes me happy. We put each other’s happiness before our own, and that’s how we make our relationship work. It takes some sacrifice, but the reward for making my baby happy is far better than what I could ever imagine getting from myself.

Green is the first of the cool colors. Not everything in love is red-hot and exciting, and contentment is the first feeling I had that wasn’t apart of the explosive, warm feelings. Being content in my relationship with him is very important to me. I’ve been in many terrible relationships before him, and I never found balance. With him, things aren’t slow (he told me he loved me after 2 weeks), but they are steady. I can trust him, I can depend on him, and I can lean on him if something goes wrong. He makes me feel safe, secure, and comfortable, so I know he’s a keeper.

Blue is a beautiful color, and the meaning I give it also is beautiful. Sadness. There is a lot of sadness because 2,173 miles separate me from him. I yearn for him all the time. The days we do get to be together are limited and the end is always near. Dropping him off somewhere makes me feel empty and like I’m ripping apart of my body off and leaving it behind. The beauty in it is how it’s brought us closer. We cherish our time together more, and do whatever we can to see each other’s faces. We’ve learned more about each other through the struggle, which makes us strong and very much in love.

My final color to describe is violet. Violet is stunning, just like him. I am so attracted to him, everything about him. His personality is what I fell in love with first, and his face, and physique are so superior to every other person I’ve ever seen. I could stare at him all day and not regret a single moment of my eyes soaking up his presence. I could listen to him talk all day and my ears would still be dismayed as he finished. I think about him constantly, about how lucky I am to have such an amazing boyfriend.

Cameron is my everything- my ups, my downs, and anything in between. Things aren’t always good, but it would be completely unreasonable for me to expect it to be any different. My relationship with him is as perfect as they come, and I’m so thankful spend my life with him every single day.


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