To Be a Kid Again

I never really understood why teenagers seemed so mean. They always seemed to give me dirty looks no matter what I did, and the more I tried to act like them, the less they had to say to me. Teenagers always looked so cool. Today, my little sister hung out with her boyfriend. I immediately realized that every annoying thing he did, I’d done before. I finally understood what went through the teenagers’ minds when I tried to talk them, and now I can’t blame them. They just forgot the way kids work, the same way adults forget how teens work sometimes.

To be a kid again would mean not even knowing what social norms are. The kid my sister is dating constantly corrected me… I couldn’t say one thing without him interjecting with a revised version of what I said. I kept wondering why he was so rude. He didn’t even realize he was being rude though, he was just talking. Kids don’t think before they say, they just talk. How lovely it would be to be in a conversation and not analyze the other person’s body language, or have a million possible responses fly through my head when I finally think of something to say. If life were simple, conversations would be, too. People have something called feelings, and as a member of society, it’s expected for me to care about them.

To be a kid again would be to laugh about seemingly stupid things. The two “lovers” in the back seat of the car kept blurting out the latest phrase to break the internet, Damn Daniel. Maybe I’m a tight-ass, but I just don’t get that Vine stuff. Even if it didn’t make any sense, they still laughed and laughed about it. As irked as I was at their incessant giggles, I sometimes yearn to be in my childhood bedroom with my best friend and laugh at 2008 viral YouTube videos. But then I watch them with my mouth gaping at how many brain cells I lost My sense of humor has just changed over the years. Maybe everyone’s will at some point or another, including my sister’s and her boyfriend’s.

To be a kid again would be to play all day. We went to Chuck E Cheese with the two of them. They spent 100 tokens in less than thirty minutes. What was I worried about? Studying Spanish and eating pizza. My first desire was rather difficult because of the huge crowds of kids screaming at the top of their lungs. I couldn’t focus, and I even got a little bit of anxiety from the noise. It was at that point I realized I was in a different world than them. In my world, the world of society and order, things make sense. There are rules to follow about everywhere. But in the world where kids rule, rules drool. Because of this, a barrier is created. Kids don’t understand the unspoken rules I live by, and I don’t understand how they live without them.



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