Dear High School “Friend” Group,

Bye. I’m done with feeling left out and not good enough for any of you. I left my other group of friends because they were the popular girls in eighth grade, and I decided I was nothing like them. I’m not mean, or conceited, or even prissy like those girls. All of you took me in and made me feel good. But now that you ignore me, I realized it was all butt-kissing. I continue to watch you kiss each others’ butts every single day at the lunch table, and online, and I’m freeing myself of this trap.

It started at the beginning of sophomore year. A couple of you didn’t want me to be apart of your friend group, so you did everything humanly possible to make sure I was cast out. I didn’t like this at all… I talked against one of you, and the whole group started slowly turning away from me. I became the odd one at the lunch table. I became nothing but your source of answers during class. Yeah, I don’t text any of you very much. But the phone runs two ways. I was wanting to form personal relationships with all of you, but apparently you didn’t have the time and were too focused on making yourselves look better, or more likable.

I know your comments on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all FAKE. I remember all the times you talked about that particular girl to my face. Wouldn’t she like to know all the nasty comments you made about her? Too bad I’m too mature to disclose that information with her. However, plenty of you aren’t that mature, and find pleasure in telling me all the times that you’ve heard each other talk shit about me. How does it make me feel hearing this stuff? Worthless, Useless, Dispensable.

So, go ahead and make plans without me. But don’t expect me to stick around. I’ve been rejected too many times by all of you for me to want to give you another second chance. I’m a strong young woman, not a kid that’s afraid to be alone for a little bit. Tomorrow’s Monday, and it’s going to mark a huge change for me. I’m not giving you answers to quizzes anymore, nor am I going to try to see if you’re busy next Saturday. No, I’m going to talk to people. People who may actually be friend material. Eventually, I’m going to phase all of you out of my life because I don’t need this petty behavior. I deserve to talk to people that want to hear what I have to say, and want to hang out with me after school. Thank you for being awesome to me freshman year, but you aren’t so awesome now. This is goodbye.



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