What My Promise Ring Means to Me

He took it to the next step in the relationship. We’ve always talked about marriage, and our dream wedding, and how we would be a really cute newly-wed couple. But, it was all talk. I was a fourteen-year-old girl sharing her childhood dreams with her boyfriend. Receiving a promise ring through the mail created an action- and an item- to cement the idea of our future together. A promise ring means that we’ll fight to make it past my high school struggles, and his conflicting views as a young adult, because the young love we is powerful and we know we can make it through. But, my promise ring means a little more than that. I’m talking to you, babe.

I promise to text you while I’m reading.

Or cuddling with my cats.

I promise not to get angry with the fact you’re working now.

I promise to always wait for your phone to get back into range of WiFi so we can have another night together.

I promise that every “I love you” that I type or tell you is genuine.

I promise that I’ll love myself, too.

I promise to show you Chicago and many other awesome places.

I promise that I won’t be 15 forever.

But I may choose to not age past 18.

I promise that I’ll consider where you live when I look for colleges.

And I promise that when the time comes, our apartment will be really cute.

I promise to always drink 75% of our “shared” butterscotch shakes and eat 6 slices of pizza.

I promise to make us eat healthy food LIKE MY ASPARAGUS after we’re done with that.

I promise that I will never be able to catch up to you because of my stubby legs.

I promise that you’ll win MOST of the time when we play video games.

I’ll try not to get angry about it but that’s something I can’t promise.

I promise that I’ll always brag about you.

I promise to let you hold me tight in bed even if I’m panting for air.

Most importantly, I promise I’ll always be the same girl you fell in love with.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m so thankful that someone just like me happened to pop in my life in the most unexpected way. Finding the love of my life so young means that our together is going to be so long and full of happy memories. I love you.



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