Millennials and Love

Valentine’s Day was yesterday. I spent the day being treated like a princess by my boyfriend over Skype. I was going to share the love that I have for him with my friends, but after logging onto Facebook, I didn’t want to. There was so much complaining. Most of what I saw were people whining about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend. It completely ruined my mood. Yesterday was a happy day for me, so I didn’t let the negativity bring me down. I logged off of Facebook, didn’t check Instagram, and didn’t update my twitter post.

I was thinking about it this morning, and I think I did the right thing based on the circumstance. But… that circumstance should have never happened in the first place. Is my generation so selfish that not one person can just let another have a good day without dumping their issues into it? I felt guilty for having a boyfriend on Valentine’s and it shouldn’t be that way. Some people seem to sap the fun out of pretty much everything, and it’s time for a change.

There’s no right way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. That day is supposed to be about love, not just couples. Nearly every person in the world has someone to love between friends, family, teachers, and others. Those people can be valentines just as easily as a crush or girlfriend.You can be your own damn valentine because you’re flawless like that. Taking just one day to look at the positives would be awesome and everyone would feel good about it. No longer would I see soppy posts about wanting a “bae” or worse, angry posts wishing people with someone would not “ruin their day”.

I KNOW how hard it is not to have a valentine. Back when I was little, everyone in elementary school had a valentine but no one would ever be mine. I used to pretend to be sick so I could stay home because I was angry and embarrassed about it. Mom still made me go. The turning point for me was in 6th grade, when Mom left a rose in my locker.I didn’t care who it was from. I knew she loved me and that’s what it’s all about. Next thing I knew, in three short years, I had a valentine for the first time. We celebrated our second Valentine’s Day yesterday, and I’m just really glad Skype worked this year.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is two things: it’s okay to be happy and have a good day without a partner, and it will happen eventually. Why get hung up on it now? All those years I should have enjoyed the Valentine’s Day parties at school, I was moping. I really regret that because free candy and parties at school never happen anymore. I don’t want other people to regret their teenage years like that… That’s why it’s time to be happy, people.


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