About Understanding Adolescense

Welcome to UATeenager. This word is associated with sloth, gluttony, and uselessness. As a teenager, I am often thrown into this stereotype by pretty much everyone. I may be lazy and enjoy pizza but I’m more than the three words above. I’m also  quirky, energetic, and indomitable. My goals are to create a window into my complex life to show how I’m more than my stereotype, inspire other people my age to do the same, and close the gap of understanding between teens and adults.

Because I think deeply, I post a lot of profound thoughts. I state my stance on tricky opinions and back them up with evidence.These posts open up my mind, give reasons why, and show the thought processing of one girl in my age bracket. Flawed as some of my perspectives are, I will never hold back expressing them, for I want to show the gradual growth in myself as a person.

Of course, I’m 15. I joke around a lot. Occasionally I write to express myself in a different way- humorously. I’ve had to learn for myself that all work and no play makes for  a boring person. Fighting workaholic urges. There’s never a dull moment when I can talk about ice cream. The worst part of my love is that I’m lactose intolerant, so every time I eat my two loves, I feel like I’m dying inside.

Because ice cream and I have a pretty unstable relationship, I opened my heart up to someone else. He was an eighteen-year-old gamer when I met him. He was mysterious, quiet, and sometimes a little furtive, yet he was charmingly geeky. This perfect combination of personality traits was better than any boy I’ve ever met in a book, which says a lot, and I write about my muse more often than not.

I strive to avoid giving into teen angst because it’s so cliched for people my age to do so. I want to show people that there’s more to being a teenager than feeling different than everyone else, and always thinking you’re right. However, these are valid issues teens struggle with, so I will address them without obsessing.

Overall, this blog is a good read for people of all ages. It gives insight into a developing mind, which I do say is brilliant myself. Reading about different perspectives is one the best things you can do, because it promotes tolerance and understanding. Most people don’t even learn to understand adolescence, and it’s never too late to start.


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